We created Andrea's Closet because we thought every sick child should have access to a closet full of new toys.

~Traci Brunk,
Andrea's mom

Andrea’s Closet:

Andrea’s Closet is like a mini toy-store, stocked with brand new toys for all ages. When children are hospitalized, they don’t have a choice about whether or not they will have surgery, or whether or not they receive a painful or uncomfortable procedure. Andrea’s Closet helps these children regain control over their situation by allowing them to choose a brand new toy from a well-stocked closet. It’s amazing how even this small act can make a difference in their treatment.

Financial Relief:

Caring for a sick child inevitably means time away from work. Caregivers often use up all of their vacation time and still need time off to care for their child. In cases of a catastrophic diagnosis one parent may have to quit his or her job entirely, losing a critical source of income. This can cause financial distress to the household in addition to the concerns about the child’s health.

Having gone through this situation ourselves, and having nowhere to turn, we decided it was imperative that we include Financial Relief as a component of Andrea’s Closet. Upon a referral from the hospital social worker, Andrea’s Closet has been able to provide financial relief which has included the following:

  • Payments made directly to the utility company, landlord or other collectors
  • Food assistance through grocery gift cards

Since the establishment of our Financial Relief Program, we have assisted many families who, without our help, would have gone without food, would have had their lights turned off, or may have even lost their homes.

Laptops for Kids:

Laptops for Kids began in 2008 when several donated laptops were distributed to hospitalized kids. Andrea’s Closet began immediately to see the value of computers in the hands of sick or injured children. Kids confined to their hospital room can feel like the walls are closing in. Often physical activity is either limited or impossible. Laptops can provide an outlet and other possibilities like:

  • A way to keep up with school work
  • A communication line to family and friends
  • A link to the outside world through the internet
  • Some just-plain fun through video games

We received feedback from one young lady who received a laptop from Andrea’s Closet. She says that her laptop from Andrea’s Closet has changed her outlook in many ways. She no longer feels confined or restricted; she now has a way to reconnect with the outside world.

Burial Fund:

Even when families know that their child’s illness or injury is terminal, funeral and burial expenses may still come as a shock and can be overwhelming. The sense of loss can devastate the entire family, let alone the financial burden. Andrea’s Closet has partnered with funeral and burial services to provide assistance at this very difficult time. Assistance includes:

  • Funeral services
  • Memorial services
  • Grave markers
  • Other family support services

A Day Away:

When a child suffers a prolonged illness, his or her treatment often becomes the focus of the entire family. A Day Away gets families out of the hospital and into the world, compliments of Andrea's Closet. We provide movie tickets, shopping days, go-kart racing, laser tag, roller skating, miniature golf, zoo days, sporting events and more. Often these are group activities that allow families to network with others who share similar circumstances

Andrea’s Closet is an Arizona non-profit 501(C)(3) organization helping children in hospitals throughout the state. If you’d like to help, there’s a lot you can do.

"Andrea's Closet brings tears to my eyes every time a child goes in. I hope I never get used to it!"
~ Mark Hibbert, The Arizona Burn Center.